This shirt  features a Perfectly Normal Tree.  :P  It's from one of my Inktober illustrations from back in 2017, for some reason I called it Creepy Tree.  Huh... 
For those of who prefer a dash of color, I added a background to the Creepy Tree illustration, I think it helps the entire design to show up well on different colors.  I still love the original, though it's not going anywhere!
What could possibly be more Historically Accurate than a Pirate Riding a Dinosaur Whilst Firing a Laser Gun?!  I can't think of anything... so if you've been waiting to buy more shirts until you found some that are Historically Accurate, here you go.  This shirt is perfect for at least 3 kinds of Nerd, so grab one for yourself and two friends!  You'll be prompted to pick your color and size at Checkout.


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