A juvenile raptor, I didn't really have a distinct species in mind for this one. 
Zunicaeratops christopheri - Discovered in 1996 by an 8 year old boy, who got what every 8 year old boy and this 42 tear old man wants, to find a Dinosaur!
Cryptovolans pauli, or Microraptor gyi if you believe they're the same species.  I'd like to think they were seperate, partly just because Greg Paul, the great paleoartist, deserves to have a dinosaur named after him in honor of his contributions to the field.  I used a Kingfisher as color reference on this one, just because I liked the way it looks.
Allosaurus fragilis- I used a Mwanzan Flat Headed Agama for color reference on this one, also known as- Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman Lizard :)
Styracosaurus albertensis in Watercolor from my art challenges from September to December in 2020.
...And another Allosaurus fragilis.  For this guy I used an Eastern Collared Lizard as color reference.  These are just a few of the 31 Dinosaurs I drew for my art challenges in 2020, and there's more on the way because I love them!  


I had an obsession as a child that I never grew out of-  Dinosaurs.  I thought about and drew them all the time, especially when there were less interesting things like long division to think about.  While visiting Glen Rose, Texas (a fossil hotspot) at the age of about 9, my family were wading through a creek and I stepped into a fossilized dinosaur footprint.  After I swam back to the surface and realized what happened, well, outside of a park with cloned dinosaurs that was pretty much the coolest thing possible.


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