I grew up with art... In a way, all of us do, but I mean my Mom is an oil painter.  My earliest lessons were spent with her around the kitchen table, with her working on a landscape and me drawing dinosaurs.  Hmm- seems like some things never change... I got serious about getting good at drawing when I was 11 and did it constantly, I loved it even when it was frustrating.  I actually became kind of a hermit when I was a teenager, I would tell my friends I was busy on the weekends because I wanted to work on my art in peace.  When I met my wife to be, the first thing we bonded over was art, so that sealed the deal.  Fast forward, uh, a few years... For a time, I put art on the back burner because I was working a job up to 80 hours a week, and it was pretty foul.  After I improved my job situation, I knew I needed to get back to my first love, so here I am!