Custom Innsmouth Look Portraits!

In the classic horror story, The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft, there's a fictional town known as Innsmouth- a secluded, dilapidated place where the people are... not quite right.  There's even a look ascribed to them, they look and smell... almost fishy.  It gets worse with age, to the point where people aren't usually seen in public much past middle age.  Now you can Get The Look too!
Here you can see reverse progress of an Innsmouth Look portrait- I can do one of these of any person you like, you simply have to provide a good reference photo.  They make great gifts, and guys, Valentines Day is never more than 365 days away!

Custom Zombie Portraits

Do you love Zombies?  Well now you don't have to wait for a radioactive comet to pass too close to the earth to find out what you'll look like when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives!
These come in 3 Levels of Gore- I'm pictured here as Tame, with just pallid blue skin and dead eyes.  I also like to make the jaw slack and the eyelids droop a bit more than what's shown in the reference photos.  If the zombies from the classic George A. Romero film Dawn of the Dead are your shuffling speed, this is for you.  This is also the only option I will offer for children's  portraits, I just don't dig drawing kids with parts of their face hanging off.  I'm old fashioned, sue me :P  You can also go for a Moderately Revolting zombie with a few open sores and wounds, or full on with a  Downright Icky portrait with lots of exposed muscle, fat and bone.  Perhaps a gaping nasal cavity?  Here's a link to some of my Political Parody Zombies for an illustration of Full On Gore .  


You can reach me by phone at the number on the right, and by email at  Those are the two easiest ways to get ahold of me, and you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  

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